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I do believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into good work that is both innovative and measurable.


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  • "@NtokozoMbambo ur SoOO beautiful lady"
    Jill Scott | @missjillscott
  • "It's easier to look for miracles than it is to develop your faith. Just a thought..."
    Kirk Franklin | @kirkfranklin
  • "Swagg Mommy ♡♥♡ @NtokozoMbambo: #DawningOfANewDay #NtokozoMbamboDotCom #FewMoreDays"
    Lindiwe Ntjilo | @levonza
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen whatever profession you're in...Studyyourcraft!!!! I'm always learning! That's why it never gets old. Goodnight!"
    Ledisi | @ledisi